Thesis teasers one column

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For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get. In this session we troubleshoot 2 column teasers in Thesis 2 where the previous and next post links aren’t working properly.

We assign the number of posts to show to make all the posts look the same. Foundations of Mathematics - Textbook / Reference - with contributions by Bhupinder Anand, Harvey Friedman, Haim Gaifman, Vladik Kreinovich, Victor Makarov, Grigori Mints, Karlis Podnieks, Panu Raatikainen, Stephen Simpson, featured in the Computers/Mathematics section of Science MagazineNetWatch.

This is an online resource center for materials that relate to foundations of mathematics.

Thesis 2 Tutorials and Documentation

Style Your Thesis Teasers – Wealthydragon Here x27;s one simple way of styling the teasers box on your Thesis theme to give your site a bit of added zest. A step by step process here.

How To Make Thesis Teasers Full Column Width Web Training In a previous article I discussed how to add thumbnail images to your Thesis teasers as.

By default the teasers are set to be half the width of the main column, displaying 2 teasers per row, like this: For an alternate look, I like them to display the full width of the column so you only have one per row, like this.

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Thesis teasers one column
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