Tactus therapy writing app

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Writing Therapy

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Orient a sentence or even to a writing prompt in brilliant categories such as taking notes, writing flippant information, and making lists. The adjusted interview time was about 55 animals. An overview of key functionality of the Tactus Therapy app: Language Therapy 4-in-1 combining Comprehension Therapy, Naming Therapy, Writing Therapy, and Reading Therapy for aphasia.

Download on th. Writing Therapy is another powerful app in Tactus Therapy Solutions' professionally-designed Language Therapy suite of speech-language therapy apps. It is the perfect companion to Comprehension.

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Mar 01,  · Language Therapy Lite: Android app ( ★, 10,+ downloads) → Join overpeople world-wide by getting your 4/5(45).

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Writing Therapy is another powerful app in Tactus Therapy Solutions' professionally-designed Language Therapy suite of speech-language therapy apps. It is the perfect companion to Comprehension Therapy, Naming Therapy, and Reading Therapy.5/5(2).

Nov 05,  · **All Tactus Therapy Apps are ON SALE until November 30!!** Harness the power of a scientifically proven 4-in-1 speech therapy app that boosts reading, writing, speaking and listening in people with aphasia after stroke.5/5(10).

Tactus therapy writing app
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