Notre dame cathedral

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Notre Dame Cathedral

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Notre-Dame de Paris

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The Notre Dame Cathedral (which is also known as Notre Dame de Paris which is French for “Our Lady of Paris” and which is also sometimes just referred to as “Notre Dame”) is a Roman Catholic cathedral of historic importance located on the eastern half of Paris’ Île de la Cité.

Notre Dame de Paris is a masterpiece of Gothic art We see a lot of tourists from all countries to admire it, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world!

It is the Cathedral of Paris. The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris or Notre Dame de Paris (Meaning ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in French) is a Gothic cathedral located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France, It has its main entrance to the west.

The island is on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité. The Notre Dame Cathedral with its sculptures [ ]. Built between and on the Île de la Cité, Notre Dame de Paris is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world. The name of the cathedral in English means 'Our Lady', and it.

Notre Dame de Paris is a masterpiece of Gothic art We see a lot of tourists from all countries to admire it, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world! It is the Cathedral of Paris. Notre-Dame de Paris (/ ˈ n ɒ t r ə ˈ d ɑː m, ˈ n oʊ t r ə ˈ d eɪ m /; French: [nɔtʁə dam də paʁi] ; meaning "Our Lady of Paris"), also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame, is a medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France.

Notre dame cathedral
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