Koji kondo

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Koji Kondo: The Man, the Myth, the Legend.

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Koji Kondo is a legendary Japanese sound director and video game composer. He is most famous for having composed the scores to the ‘Super Mario’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Series. Koji Kondo was born on August 13, in Nagoya, Japan. Koji Kondo Biography - Koji Kondo is a legendary Japanese sound director and video game composer.

He is most famous for having composed the scores to the ‘Super Mario’ and ‘The L.

Do we know which tracks Koji Kondo actually composed?

Koji Kondo (近藤 浩治, Kondō Kōji?, b. August 13, ) is a Japanese composer and musician best known for his scores for various video games produced by Nintendo. Koji Kondo, born in Osaka, Japan, is a well known video game music composer that has worked for Nintendo for a long time. Feel free to browse your favorite dealer page, check out the latest post, or use the search bar to find your garment directly.

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Koji kondo
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