First amendment controversy

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First Amendment to the United States Constitution

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The Move to 'Restore' the 13th Amendment

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Is Hate Speech Protected by the First Amendment? What about this?

The majority noted that having of speech protects actions that society may find very likely, but society's right alone is not justification for buying free speech. Duke Law Journal; The Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Arms, by William Van Alstyne. The controversy involves two core constitutional concepts about religion: the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment.

Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution

Under the Establishment Clause, governments and their agencies, such as public schools, can’t endorse religious practices through their actions. A Texas high school's on-site prayer room -- which serves as a spot where Muslim students can pray -- is stirring controversy.

Liberty High School in Frisco established the room inbut Texas. The Twenty-first Amendment (Amendment XXI) to the United States Constitution repealed the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which had mandated nationwide Prohibition on alcohol on January 16, The Twenty-first Amendment was ratified on December 5, It is unique among the 27 amendments of the U.S.

Constitution for being the only one to repeal a prior amendment. On September 25,the First Congress of the United States proposed 12 amendments to the Constitution.

First Amendment controversy brews over Texas high school's prayer room

The Joint Resolution of Congress proposing the amendments is on display in the Rotunda in the National Archives Museum.

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First Amendment controversy brews over Texas high school's prayer room First amendment controversy
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Amendment I - The United States Constitution