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Submissions accepted for publication may appear in print or in. is the place for writers—published or not—to ask questions about the craft of writing and/or the publishing industry and get direct answers and actionable suggestions.

Dear Editor: By Donna Dummer on Aug 10, at p.m. Becky Norton is ready to focus on the concerns of our Red Wing city government issues.

Dear Editor: Lie or Lay Usage Confuses Me

Becky has energy, a positive can do attitude and the willingness to ask questions. She is ready to focus on Red Wings budget. Becky is a single mother and a teacher in our public schools, who.

Sample Letters to the Editor. Example #1: Dear Editor, [Reporter’s Name]’s article, [Name of Article], of [Date of Article] was entirely misleading on the role family planning can play in preventing HIV transmission.

HIV positive women, like. Dear Editor: Poems (Karen & Michael Braziller Books) [Amy Newman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Each prose poem in this extraordinary volume is an impassioned letter to a nameless editor from a poet seeking publication for her collection about chessReviews: 2.

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Dear Editor: The subject of growth is a hot topic now in Loudoun County. As the powers that be keep approving more and more development, Eastern.

Dear editor
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