Attempt to write a readonly database railstream

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SQLite - attempt to write a readonly database

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File "dropbox\client\multiaccount\", linein set_shared_config File "dropbox\", linein execute OperationalError: attempt to write a readonly database. Attempt to write a readonly database: attempt to write a readonly database # Closed jwaldrip opened this Issue May 11, · 5 comments Comments.

Assignees I suspect you have the SQLite database stored in a location where the PHP process doesn't have write-access. It's not a bug in Docker.

thaJeztah closed this Apr 8, open database with the correct password keep the SQLiteDatabase as reference for future reuse. jump to another screen to use the SQLiteDatabase object to write a record. Unable to open any Rootsmagic file - posted in Discussion: I just upgraded to Windows 7 64bit and Rootsmagic 6.

I was previously using Rootsmagic 5 and Windows XP. Since the upgrade, when I attempt to open any of my Rootsmagic files, I get the following error: "Rootsmagic can't open the file: Error: attempt to write a readonly database (8)".

attempt to write a readonly database # Closed jakfrost84 opened this Issue Aug 12, · 16 comments Comments. Assignees No one assigned Labels support. Projects None yet Milestone No milestone 3 participants.

Could also be that The database file is not supported by the MigrationAssembly. The same exception is thrown when the EF tries to migrate on a file expected to be a SQLite database which is fi.

a text file.

Unable to open any Rootsmagic file Attempt to write a readonly database railstream
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